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Bjork is known for her striking delineation of human emotion. The viewer feels the art, rather than exclusively viewing it. Each piece holds something more than mere paint on canvas; they portray ideas, thoughts and feelings. To her, the most memorable works of art are those you can experience. Bjork mainly operates in oils, and pen & ink. Her style is an amalgam of expressionism and photorealism. Bjork utilizes striking colors to bring her pieces to life. She promotes a variety of brush techniques ranging from soft fine detail, to dramatic brush strikes. Bjork specializes in the expression of human emotion.

“Humans are particularly fascinating to me,” She replied to a curious onlooker who asked what she enjoyed painting most. “There is so much history, experience and emotion toiling behind the eyes of regular people that I am absolutely consumed at the idea of trying to capture it.”

Technique came with the mixture of vision and emotion. “It’s impossible to truly seize an emotion and plaster it to a piece of canvas,” Bjork explains. “But the way a piece is painted can give emphasis to the feeling I’m trying to emit.” For a more rigorous piece she uses rough, blotched movements to give it a powerful, impressive feeling. A portrait with a tranquil expression is painted with much softer strokes and blended edges. “There is no end to the depth of a human’s character, and I very much appreciate the use of colors and technique to help express the unique voice of each piece.”

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